Vulvodynia Releases New Music Video 'FAMINE'

Vulvodynia Releases New Music Video 'FAMINE'

South African brutal death metal giants and slamtrepeneurs Vulvodynia have released the video for their track “Famine” straight from their new album Mob Justice.

The video originally premiered on the 15th July of 2019 on YouTube channel Slam Worldwide. The video using capturing footage carries the hard narrative of the harsh reality of famine and poverty in South Africa. 

Album: Mob Justice Released: June 30, 2019 via Lacerated Enemy Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal Filmed: Jewish Heritage Museum, South Africa
Video filmed by The Image Engineer

Vocalist Duncan Bentley explains, “Poverty brings forth our darkest perversions, a starving belly leads to a starving mind.” These are the opening lyrics to ‘Famine’, a song that focuses on all the poverty in South Africa and around the world. These are the horrific things unfortunate people will resort to in order to survive.”

“We had an amazing time with Fred “The Image Engineer” shooting this video! We hope our fans think as cool as we do! It’s all about the poverty we have back home in South Africa and the desperate horrific measures people go to for money” – adds guitarist Kris Xenopoulos

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